Graphic designers and engineers with decades of experience and continuous training, to offer their knowledge and dedication to new opportunities and solutions through modern technology


Σχημα 3D using 2D and 3D design programs (format .dxf, .dwg, .cdr, .psm, .stp, .asm)
without the need for further clarification and samples, creating components and structures of your expectations with absolute precision. photo 5


Customer Data Assurance

Our company ensures and protects customer information stored in our computer systems.
We apply specific data security strategy and keep your data confidential and secure for your use.
We do not share your data without your acquiescence.


Computerization: Commerce and Accounting ERP program 

The excellent functional completeness ERP we use, creates competitive advantages and opens new perspectives. Necessary tool for a modern computerization with substantial benefits and opportunities such as reduced operating costs, automate processes, efficient collaboration, increase productivity and Real-time information.




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