Two Laser cutting machines with high-tech high-powered generators, give us the ability to process large thicknesses, with top quality cutting. 
The materials that can be treated are the following: ferrous steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, wood, plexi glass, etc. 
Design programs (2D and 3D), implemented by experienced and qualified engineers who are comparative advantage, to fully support customers at all stages of the production process. 
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Max laser cut  
  • Length
4000 mm
  • Width
2000 mm
Max cutting thickness   
  • Common steel/special steel
25 mm
  • Stainless steel
25 mm
  • Aluminium
15 mm



  • High processing speed (maximum speed 300m/min)
  • Surface quality (requires no grinding, finishing)
  • Stable and accurate results in dimensional project repeatability
  • Precision cutting: 0,1mm
  • Surface mapping
  • Minimum heat stress on cut
  • Max cutting size: 4000X2000mm 
  • Materials capable of Laser cut: barley sheet, perforated sheet, chequered sheet, galvanized sheet, sheet INOX, PLEXIGLASS, wood


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