Our company complies with European regulations regarding quality, environmental and data security standards. The international standards that the company follows are the following:

EN ISO 9001:2015 standard

EN ISO 14001:2015 standard

EN ISO 27001:2013 standard

Our new facilities follow all European standards and are happy to welcome customers and employees with disabilities.

We became Hardox Wearparts certified, which has highly upgraded our credentials.

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The HARDOX WEARPARTS certification, which we received in 2016, confirmed our cooperation with the world-renowned steel mill SSAB. Based on this distinction, we supply our customers with genuine HARDOX anti-friction materials, which have been processed according to the technology and quality standards set by SSAB. As HARDOX WEARPARTS we can provide our customers with solutions and know-how regarding the proper processing and properties of Hardox materials.


HARDOX is the most well-known anti-friction steel, maintaining its hardness throughout its thickness, offering long life and high productivity even in the most extreme environments.

The hardness of HARDOX reduces the possibility of wear, as the edges, where the wear of the material starts, are not affected. It is found throughout its thickness and not just on the surface. Hardness is not an obstacle to forming this particular steel. It exists in many different variations, depending on the hardness it has, so that it is consistent with each different use.

The unbreakability of HARDOX is what differentiates it from common anti-friction steels. It enables crimping, shaping and welding, without causing any cracking or breaking of the material.

In extreme environments where hardware failure can have unpredictable and costly consequences, HARDOX helps minimize risk.

The advantages of HARDOX’s unbreakability are that it can take strong impacts without deforming and can resist cracking if subjected to plastic deformation.

The HARDOX plate is designed to provide excellent performance and long life. You can maximize both by choosing the right plate for the application depending on its requirements.

At the same time, it offers a reduction in the weight of applications by reducing the thickness of the material that construction now requires.

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